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Wing root fitting

Final version of the wing spars now cut using 1/8″ Ply based off of the templates finished over the weekend and offered up to the fuselage. They fit just a bout perfect first go, with just a little light sandpapering needed. Then it was on to making the final cuts to Wing
20170221_1440091 former 1 (W1) which attaches to the fuselage and has cut outs to allow the entire wing assembly to be removed. Next it was on to formers 2-6 (W2-6). a little adjustment was needed to allow them to slide onto the spars with the minimum of interference and to allow the engine housings to line up correctly. I’m pretty happy with the dihedral but, it will become more apparent as the rest of the wing assemblies are fitted.

Next jobs to be completed include the fuselage side of the bolts to hold the wing in place, not sure whether to go for rivnut 20170221_1435261type fittings on the fuselage side or just nut/bolt.. After that I need to cut out the engine parts for the other inboard engine. get the starboard wing built and then connect them to the wing root. So much still to do!!

I really will need to get on to building a vac-forming machine ready to form the nose cone and other parts that are going to be needed. Anyhow it’s starting to look a bit more like a bomber now..



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Wing root building part 2

Well the wing root is coming along nicely. I’m still using the lite-ply template pieces for the wing spars, as there’s continued fine-tuning as i get the next wing 20170129_2239201former added. I now have out to wing former 5  (W5)  fitted on the right side of the spar and the first 3 (W1,2,3) fitted on the left. A test fit of former 6 (W6) on the right side and there’s a small amount of adjustment to do and that should be it. Then just need to replicate to the left side and fit the formers and we should be done. Next up is to check the fitting into the fuselage and then take it all apart and cut the real parts using 1/8″ ply. Hoping to get that all finished this week.

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Wing root Construction

Cut out some templates using lite-ply of the wing root spars (WSP1,2,3 on plan) and test 20170122_1954281fit the first wing formers to them. There’s some work to do on them as i start adding the the next 3-4 wing spars, but first fit they are pretty close. A little bit of fettling to get them to mate up to the fuselage and then once i’m happy i can cut the production pieces in 1/8″ ply.  While on the subject of wings i also started 20170122_1940571to build up the left hand wing structure, have about half of the formers cut and in place ready to be glued onto the spars. I’ve a few more to template and cut to get to the same point as the right hand wing. As well as the wing root formers which are all in 1/8″ ply. These are taking a little while to complete as i’m having to cut the slots with the trusty chisel.

In between the wing work i’ve been researching building a small vac-forming set-up. As i’m going to have to build the nosecone, belly turret and top turret. It seems that some vac-formed pieces would be the way to go. Also spent some time researching how to build a home CNC/Laser cutting setup as well. I feel this will give me far more accurate pieces than using the skill saw. Theres some great designs i found on Openbuilds website. it doesn’t look to difficult to build.

Well, hoping to progress with the wing root templates this week. thers a lot of other jobs that can then be completed once this is done and t ewings are attached.

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Back on the Build

So after about a year since my last post… where did that time go! I thought I’d get back onto the B-17 build. I’ve started to build the wings up for the main reason that the plans don’t include a template for 3 parts called WSP1,2 and 3. these fit into the fuselage and join the two wings together. Now its easy to approximate the shape of these parts as you can use the corresponding fuselage templates, however what there is no guide for is how far into the root of the wing to extend these parts or indeed what or how to set the dihedral of the wings. Hence time to build the wings, set the dihedral and get the parts built.

Anyways enough rambling here’s a shot of the first wing coming together.


Looking around several websites seems that the dihedral needs to be set around th 4-5 degrees mark. The side view drawing roughly shows the spar positions in relation to the fuselage so it shouldn’t be too difficult to set correctly. More progress soon.

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