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Stabilizer and Elevator Build

2015-03-01 23.18.55With Saturday being taken up with work in the morning and an afternoon watching the cricket world cup, this only left Sunday to work on the B17. One task was to shape the steering arm for the rudder.This was made from 3mm Piano wire. I’ve still to fabricate a brass control horn and solder this to the Piano wire. There is also a second mount bracket to fit further up the tailplane to help support the steering.

This just leaves me with a decision on how to build the rudder itself. I’m torn between using a thin balsa core or to make it hollow just using formers for the shape. But that is on the to-do list for this week.

2015-03-01 23.19.15The second major task that progressed this weekend was the construction of the stabilizers and elevators. Both Stabs have been built now as have both elevators. Just some shaping of the leading edges to be done. Again the steering arm for the elevators was made from 3mm Piano Wire bent to shape. The far end of the elevators is held in place by a metal pin made from a length of piano wire inserted in the stabilizer and elevator.

Separately from the build i was having a wander through a bookstore in town, which happens to have a small section on military aircraft, and came across a nice little book.  The book is called Bomber Command and is a great colour reference of WW2 Us Bombers.


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Continuing Adventures with the Fuselage, and the added bonus of Stabilizers

2015-02-26 22.32.35 Progress continues adding the stringers to the fuselage, although i did run out of stock of 1/8″ x 1/8″ balsa stick. So a trip to the nearest model store for supplies saw me clear them out of their paltry supplies. This allowed me to add a few more stringers to the rear section, forming up the tail wheel area and the waist gun areas.

Stock was running low yet again so i thought it better to start to build the stabilizers as these also need 1/8″ x 1/8″ strip stock. As well as fitting into the rear section before i get much further along in the build.

The keen eyed person may have spotted the model PBY Catalina ‘black cat’ on the bench. I also have R/C plans for one of these.. Space permitting it my be the next build!

2015-02-26 22.32.08Another trip to my backup model store will be in order in the next couple of days as yet more 1/8″ x 1/8″ strip is required, as well as material for leading and trailing edges of the stabs. The stabilizers are built as two parts with the spars butting up against each other inside the fuselage. Once built and test fitted i think they’ll be bolted against at least one of the fuselage formers.

Also started to look at the mechanism for turning the rudder. The plans have this as a totally enclosed structure within the rudder itself. A control horn will need to be brazed onto a wire and fitted inside the fuselage, and then extended up through the rudder. A similar mechanism will need to be constructed for the elevators.

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More Test Fitting

2015-02-15 21.37.22 Yesterday was the turn of the tailplane to be test fitted to the fuselage.   The distinctive B-17 tailplane was formed by splicing 3 pieces of 1/8″ balsa together. It fitted reasonably well first go, with just some minor sandpapering of slots that were slightly tight. With the tail assembly attached this completed the main fuselage. Now we move on to gluing the fuselage together, ensuring it stays as straight as possible.

With all of the fuselage formers and tailplane parts cut the workshop can now fall silent, except for my ramblings and some music. Hopefully more tomorrow as i get the fuselage glued together.

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