Wing root fitting

Final version of the wing spars now cut using 1/8″ Ply based off of the templates finished over the weekend and offered up to the fuselage. They fit just a bout perfect first go, with just a little light sandpapering needed. Then it was on to making the final cuts to Wing
20170221_1440091 former 1 (W1) which attaches to the fuselage and has cut outs to allow the entire wing assembly to be removed. Next it was on to formers 2-6 (W2-6). a little adjustment was needed to allow them to slide onto the spars with the minimum of interference and to allow the engine housings to line up correctly. I’m pretty happy with the dihedral but, it will become more apparent as the rest of the wing assemblies are fitted.

Next jobs to be completed include the fuselage side of the bolts to hold the wing in place, not sure whether to go for rivnut 20170221_1435261type fittings on the fuselage side or just nut/bolt.. After that I need to cut out the engine parts for the other inboard engine. get the starboard wing built and then connect them to the wing root. So much still to do!!

I really will need to get on to building a vac-forming machine ready to form the nose cone and other parts that are going to be needed. Anyhow it’s starting to look a bit more like a bomber now..



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