Back on the Build

So after about a year since my last post… where did that time go! I thought I’d get back onto the B-17 build. I’ve started to build the wings up for the main reason that the plans don’t include a template for 3 parts called WSP1,2 and 3. these fit into the fuselage and join the two wings together. Now its easy to approximate the shape of these parts as you can use the corresponding fuselage templates, however what there is no guide for is how far into the root of the wing to extend these parts or indeed what or how to set the dihedral of the wings. Hence time to build the wings, set the dihedral and get the parts built.

Anyways enough rambling here’s a shot of the first wing coming together.


Looking around several websites seems that the dihedral needs to be set around th 4-5 degrees mark. The side view drawing roughly shows the spar positions in relation to the fuselage so it shouldn’t be too difficult to set correctly. More progress soon.


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