Fuselage Progress

2015-02-14 22.19.05Now have all of the fuselage formers cut out. Just got to notch out where the longerons fit. So thought i’d test fit all the formers to the 3/16″ crutch. Still a lot of work to be done before it can all be glued together permanently. The photo only shows formers 1 thru 14 in place. I’ve still to cut the crutch notches out for the remaining 5 formers before attaching them.

I’ve started thinking about how best to attach the wings to the fuselage for easy transportation. The original plan has the wing as a single piece construction removable by unbolting the wing from the fuselage via the bomb bay.However looking at the diagrams, there seems to be longerons spanning the length of the bomb bay, which would make it impossible to remove the wing. I’m currently thinking of making this a 2 piece wing joined to the fuselage using carbon fibre spars bolted via the bomb bay.


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