Fuselage Formers

The last couple of days have been spent tracing out and cutting the fuselage formers. The plans called for a mix of 1/8″ ply and 1/8″ balsa to be used. However the widest sheet of balsa i can get anywhere is 4″. This is not wide enough for the formers, I’ve.taken the decision to change this to lite-ply. Although this will make the fuselage slightly heavier it should be pretty negligible. At the current pace I should have all of the formers completed in the next couple of days.

I’ve been thinking about building the fuselage on some form of jig to ensure straightness. My current thoughts are to use some 4″ blocks of wood with spacing controlled by a dowel or metal screw rod. This would maintain squareness of formers, and then just pin the centre crutch to the blocks to keep horizontal squareness. Anyway I’ll continue to play with this idea and post up a picture if it works out.


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