Start of a new build

Made a conscious effort to start on a new build that i have been pondering for a while. I’ve had a copy of the plans for a few months and just finished a trial build of a Lockheed Vega. This build is of a 78″ wingspan B-17G WW2 bomber, named the Bit o’ Lace. The plans were created by Walter Oetzell, but there’s not much information of other builds from these plans on the internet.
2015-02-07 23.17.11Here’s a quick picture of the side view of the aircraft pinned up on the wall currently for inspiration, apologies for the Stuka shadow!!

The plans are missing some key information which the builder needs to take into account. Firstly 3 wing spars that hold the wings to the fuselage have no template on the plans so must be created by the builder. Secondly there is no mention of the required dihedral for the wings, although from a few internet searches this seems to be between 4-6 degrees.

2015-02-07 23.16.23

The first task on the list is to start marking out the formers and wing ribs onto Ply and balsa sheets ready to be cut. As i don’t own a cnc machine these will all be cut by hand using an electric scroll saw. I’m using a different method of putting the templates on to the wood this time. Previously i’ve photocopied off the plan and glued the templates to the wood with lo-tack spray glue. I’ve come a cross a couple of issues with this, namely the template not sticking properly, as well as glue overspray. This time im going a little more old school using a set of compasses and tracing paper. We’ll see how successful this is as we go!


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  1. #1 by Roberto on September 23, 2015 - 9:17 pm

    Acabo de ver la pagina web donde se indica algunos pasos de la construcción del B 17G de Walter Oetzell.
    Actualmente estoy construyendo este mismo aparato con los mismos planos de Walter y resulta complicado el montaje de la unión de las alas al fuselaje.por no existir dibujos en los planos de las piezas de unión,.WP 1, WP 2 y WP 3, entre ambas alas.
    He hecho algunas pruebas y creo haber logrado el diseño correcto de estas piezas, sería interesante intercambiar opiniones sobre la construcción de este avión de la W II


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